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Rules & Regulations

  1. Organiser: Turnerbund Bad Cannstatt - Swimming Department, Emil-Kiemlen-Weg 51, 70376 Stuttgart, Tel. Office: +49/711/5490178
  2. The events will be held according to DSV (German Swimming Association) rules. The general DSV anti-doping rules apply to all swimmers. For disabled athletes (with proof of classification) the guidelines of the German Disabled Sports Association (DBS) apply in addition. Participation is open to all clubs organised in the DSV, all foreign clubs and national teams whose National Swimming Association belongs to World Aquatics and who are allowed to start.
  3. False starts will not be tolerated: Each swimmer who starts before the signal will be disqualified.
  4. Pool: Inselbad, Inselbad 4, 70327 Stuttgart-Untert├╝rkheim, Tel.: +49/711/2163113.The Inselbad is an outdoor-pool. It is 50m long, 21m wide, 2m deep and has 8 lanes (separated by wave-breaking ropes). Water temperature is about 26 degrees centigrade.
  5. Electronic timekeeping
  6. Ideally entries can be submitted electronically, using the DSV, Lenex or Hy Tek Teammanger Format. Alternatively entries should be given on separate lists for males and females and must contain: swimming-club's name, date of entries, surname and first name of the swimmer, sex, age group, number of the event, entry-time, responsible coach: name, address, telephone and telefax number, e-mail address (see figures 10 and 16).
  7. Swimmers can take only part in those events in which recommendation times are given for this age group.Swimmers born in 2014 and younger can complete at most 6 starts per day inclusive relay starts. In Events 7 and 8 the butterfly section has to be staffed by a swimmer born in 2015 or earlier.
  8. All together we accept 3.500 entries for the individuals as a maximum, handled on a first-come-first-served basis. Additional entries will not be accepted.
  9. All entries should be sent to:
    Michael Ebinger
    Im Geiger 35
    D - 70374 Stuttgart
    Tel. +49/711/525883
    e-mail: meldungen(at)
    (please change (at) durch @)
  10. Closing date for entries: 22pm on Tuesday June 11th 2024 at the address above.
  11. Fee of entries and Programme:
    • in dsv, lenex or Hy Tek Teammanger Format each individual event 7.00 EUR, each relay Euro 12.50 EUR
    • in other non electronic Form individual event 9.00 EUR, each relay Euro 14.50 EUR
    Please pay via bank transfer(TBC Schwimmabteilung, IBAN: DE83 6009 0100 0577 0220 08, BIC: VOBADESSXXX, Volksbank Stuttgart) or pay at the latest directly before the gala begins.
    Each club will receive a checklist of their entries by e-mail. The heat sheats will be published in the web ( at the latest June 19th 2024 as a pdf-file and send by email. On demand we will hand out a printed heat sheat after pool entrance on saturday. Please note this if requested with your entries.
  12. 100m-finals definition:
    • open finals: 8 best finishers born 2008 or earlier
    • youth finals: 8 best finishers born 2009 - 2016
  13. Prizes:
    • Four-events-contest (for swimmers born in 2011-2015): Each swimmer has to do all four 50m-events. The events will be judged in accordance with the World Aquatics points system. If a swimmer is disqualified in one event he will be taken out of judgement. The swimmer who reaches the maximum amount of points from the four regarded results will be the winner of the four-events-contest in his age group.
      dealership vouchers for places 1-3:
      1st Euro 30,- / 2nd Euro 20 / 3rd Euro 15.-;
    • Cup and financial incentive of Euro 75,- for the male and female swimmer who reached the total highscore in accordance with the World Aquatics points system out of the 4 best 100m and 200m individuals. On qualification for a final the concerning event will be judged once with the highscore
    • Trophies and financial incentives for the winners of the open finals: 1st: Euro 50,- / 2nd: Euro 35,- / 3rd: Euro 20,-
    • Trophies and financial incentives for the winners of the youth finals: 1st: Euro 20,- / 2nd: Euro 15,- / 3rd: Euro 10,-
    • Youth Cup: Team ranking
      boys and girls together born 2009 - 2016
      Points for the places 1 - 8 in all individuals of the 50m,100m and 200m events: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
      The team with the highscore wins the cup
      Financial incentive for the 1st thru 3rd in the team ranking: 1st: Euro 150,- / 2nd: Euro 100,- / 3rd: Euro 50,-
    • Individuals and relays: medals for 1st thru 3rd, certificates for 1st thru 8th
    • Cups for the relays in the open class
    • Bonus heats: Prior to the Gala, 20 heats will be drawn. Each winner of a bonus heat will receive a Euro 10,- voucher for a dealership.
    • Honor price for the team (at least 2 Swimmers) with the longest travel distance
    • In case a swimmer or a team has to share a price with another swimmer/team, the individual price is calculated by adding up the prize for the following place(s) and dividing thru the respective number, i.e. place #1 of an open final has to be shared among two swimmers, then each swimmer receives Euro 42,50,- (50,- plus 35,- divided by 2).
  14. The heats of the 100m-events (No. 1, 2, 11, 12, 19, 20, 25, 26) are set under the regulations of the DSV. They are qualifying heats for the open class finals as well as they are deciding heats for the age groups.
  15. Referees will be provided by the organiser in coordination with german clubs.
  16. placement for accommodation wishes
    Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
    Lautenschlagerstr. 3
    70173 Stuttgart
    Telefon: +49 711 22 28 -233
    Fax: +49 711 22 28-217
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  17. There will be no results in paper form. They will be published on as a pdf-file at the latest 3 days after the competition. On your demand you can receive a club specific result .pdf file by mail in the following week.
  18. This Gala has been approved by the DSV. Liability exclusion: The organizer and the pool establishment of Stuttgart are not liable for lost things or losses or injuries.